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January 2017 Budget Report


JLBC (Joint Legislative Budget Committee) Staff monthly report to the Legislature on the status of Arizona's General Fund revenue collections and other fiscal issues.


Archived Bills of Importance

2016 Second Session 52nd AZ Legislature


2015 First Session 52nd AZ Legislature


2013 and 2014 Sessions AZ Legislature


2012 Second Session, 50th Az Legislature


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AzNA Public Policy Hotline

March 29, 2017

SB1336 CRNA Headed for Success

The House Health Committee approved SB1336 in 30 minutes on March 19. The vote was unanimous. The testimony was brief. ARMA Lobbyist Steve Barclay announced that his organization no longer opposed the bill once an amendment clarifying liability was added. The bill now will be voted on by the House, and then will return to the Senate for concurrence. No further opposition is anticipated. If you think your letters did not help, consider this comment from Representative Lawrence.. “I am so glad that I can finally empty my in-box”. 


SB1133 Certified Nurse Midwives; Nurse Practitioners SIGNED

SB1133 Certified Nurses Midwives; nurse practitioners has been signed.  Over 1200 Arizona Nurses contacted legislators - Never underestimate the influential voice of nursing when we all work together! The bill will become law on Arizona’s “general effective date” which is on the 91st day after the legislature adjourns.


AZ Redistricting Commission's Boundaries Still Intact

The boundaries that the seven year old AZ Redistricting Commission drew for the 2012 election have withstood five legal challenges including two that went to the US Supreme Court. On March 16 challenges to the boundaries were rejected once again by a Superior Court Judge. If there is no appeal, the Commission will be able to disband. A new commission will be appointed after the 2020 census  to create new AZ voting districts for the next decade. Please read more HERE.

Challenge to 2013 AZ Medicaid Expansion Stopped Again

In 2013 AZ lawmakers filed a lawsuit seeking to halt legislation which extended coverage to more than 400,000 low-income Arizonans. In 2015 a Maricopa Court rejected the lawmaker’s claim. They appealed. On March 16, 2017 the 2015 ruling was upheld by an appellate court. Another appeal is promised. Please see more HERE about this lawsuit as well as implications for AZ Medicaid from possible changes to the Federal Affordable Care Act. 


More Bills


SB1368 approves funding to cover the addition of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) to the newborn screening panel. The cost of this additional test is $6.00 . It has passed the Senate and the House Health committee. 


This bill has passed the full House and the Senate Health committee. It permits school employees to administer inhaler meds to pupils or adults who are exhibiting symptoms of respiratory distress at school or a school-sponsored activity.  This bill is based on a 2-year pilot program in the South Tucson School District that demonstrated a 14% reduction of 911 calls and fewer lost school days among the student population. The bill describes requirements for each district that elects to participate which include a licensed chief medical officer, physician or nurse practitioner to issue a standing order for inhalers and/or spacers for each school; rules for annual training, procedures and reports. AzNA  is monitoring this bill


With ardent foe Andy Biggs no longer President of the Senate, there is hope for a texting while driving ban this year. This year there are several distracted driving bills. The first one dropped was by a Republican champion!  Sen. John Kavanagh introduced this year’s first texting ban bill, SB1049. Senator Karen Fann has also dropped a bill, SB1080. Strengthening the odds for success is a coalition called DriveSmart  Arizona. This is a campaign with sponsors as diverse as Tucson Medical Center and Farmers Insurance. See the Nurses List for AzNA positions on these bills. 


Kathryn Busby, Esq. Joins AzNA As Lobbyist

AzNA is lucky to have two lobbyists this year to assist us in public policy strategy and communication with legislators. For over 25 years, Rory Hays has been our AzNA lobbyist. We now welcome the addition of Kathy Busby to our lobbying team. Ms. Busby is a government relations consultant specializing in health care. She has been a board member of the Arizona State Board of Nursing for the past 11 years so she is well-versed in nursing issues. Our hiring of Ms. Busby will be especially valuable to nurses in Arizona because the State Board of Nursing lost the ability to contract for an outside lobbyist. (Last summer, Governor Ducey put out an Executive Order barring state licensing boards from hiring outside lobbyists.) Kathy’s experience with the Nursing Board will give her the insight to evaluate issues that impact that Board as well as those that impact AzNA’s healthcare agenda. 


New Health Committee Members Will Challenge Nurses

Five of the seven members of the Senate Health Committee were endorsed by the AzNA PAC in November. But six of the 9 newly appointed House Health Committee members were NOT endorsed and four of them are brand new to the legislature. If you are from one of these districts, your presence at lobby day is especially important. Learn more about AZ Health Committees including contact information HERE.  

find e-mails here)

Rep. Heather Carter, Chair, R-LD15 (endorsed)
Rep. Regina Cobb, Vice Chair, R-LD5 (endorsed)
Rep. Jay Lawrence, R-23
Rep. Tony Rivero, R-21
Rep. Maria Syms, R-28 (new)
Rep. Michelle Udall, R-25 (new) (endorsed)
Rep. Kelli Butler, D-28 (new)
Rep. Otoniel Navarrete, D-30 (new)
Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley, D-10 (new)



Sen. Nancy Barto-Chair , R-15 (endorsed)

Sen. Kate Brophy McGee-Vice Chair R-28 (endorsed)
Sen. Debbie Lesko R (endorsed)
Sen. Steve Montenegro R-13
Sen. Kimberly Yee R-20

Sen. David Bradley  D-10 (endorsed)

Sen. Katie Hobbs D-24 (endorsed)


See the Nurses' List of Bills HERE

Led by Chair Denise Link, PhD, NP, FAAN, FAANP, The 32 member Public Policy Committee reviews bills that have relevance to AzNA’s Public Policy Agenda. (HERE). At least 3 nurses review each  bill with a 3 day turn around for a report which includes a discussion of the bill, it’s relevance to the AzNA agenda and a suggested position of support, oppose or monitor. The list is refreshed weekly. 


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