Nurses on Boards (NOB) Task Force

Task Force (TF) goals: Task Force (TF) goals:

  1. Support NOB goal of 10K nurses on boards nationally by 2020
  2. Develop educational resources for AZ nurses to prepare for a NOB position
  3. Develop NOB mentoring program
  4. Develop program to identify potential placements for NOB in AZ
  5. Develop funding stream

Since 2014, the AZ NOB TF has been working to improve the health of Az communities through the service of nurses on boards. A 2014 survey of AZ nurses showed that while less than 1% of Az nurses served on health-related boards, more than 3% were interested in serving on a board. Our goal is to make this a reality by offering education, mentorship and support. By identifying nurses wishing to serve on boards and those wishing to mentor, we will be able to move the needle to achieve the national goal.

The TF prepares educational resources for Az nurses. Interested nurses are encouraged to go to the NOBC website, www.nursesonboardscoalition.org.Here you will find lists of “Board Core Competencies” and “Preparation and Education resources” that will help you to begin, or continue, your service on boards journey. They have many free webinars available to you. Here are a few to check out:

  • The History and Mission of NOBC
  • Building a Board Ready Resume
  • Increasing your Nursing influence through Leadership Boards
  • Nurses at the Table: Training Modules for Board Service

If you are currently serving on a board or desire to serve, please add your name to the count. If you have not submitted your name to the national directory, your board service has not been counted in the 10K Nurses on Boards by 2020 numbers!

Add Your Name to the Count

If you are interested in working with the TF, please contact co-leads:

Sandy Severson (sseverson@azhha.org)

Carol Stevens (carol.stevens@asu.edu)

Arizona Nurse Leader Academy

In 2015, nurse leaders throughout Arizona formed a search group to find the perfect leadership product that could prepare new nurse leaders and support seasoned nurse leaders.

We are happy to announce our partnership with Capstone Leadership Solutions and the Arizona Nurses Association.

The academy has been designed to meet the needs of not only entry level but experienced nurse leaders. Competencies defined from the Arizona Nurse Leader Education Needs Assessment as well as those defined in AONE’s nurse manager skills inventory were used to design the content. Since Communication & Relationship Building was identified as a most important leadership competency required for successfully leading individuals, teams, and organizations, Day 1 of each Summit will have a primary focus on these topics.

Find an Academy Near You